Giving back

Giving back

When one person has more than enough necessities, after setting aside for emergency and savings, we often think what to do with the excess. Some of us offer our extra to our relatives and close friends. With all the blessings that has been showered upon us, some start to have the idea of spreading what we received to others. Often, our target for such actions is the less fortunate ones.

Voluntarily giving help to those in need is quite a beautiful practice. Some famous people practice charity because they have this deep sense of connection to those that needs it. This may be because one of their close friend or relative might be experiencing the same situation, or perhaps they themselves might have been in a similar circumstance in the past. Regardless of their reason, helping others is still a wonderful act of kindness.

When we see someone struggling, some part in us is telling us to aid them in some way. It may come in the form of monetary assistance, or even simply treating that person to a warm meal. Even lending a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen to their worries can greatly help other. This reminds me of my friend who always has time to listen to others, blessed enough to provide simple assistance, while also not forgetting to contribute to institutions that primarily focus on aiding the poor and sickly.

I am quite thankful for those people that had extended their hand to help others rise up. More so during times of great peril. When we heard about a disaster caused by an accident or by natural disasters, we hear about people giving out food, medicine, and shelter. People pool up their resources in order to send out assistance to the victims.

Some extremely wealthy people even built a dedicated institution in order to help the sick. They use their resources to aid researchers for cures and other remedies. While other people who is also driving with the same ideology, but lacking the funds to do so, start up a campaign to gather people with that same intention of aiding those in need. When they become successful after a certain amount of time, you can actually see them as the most active when it comes to charity.

No matter how wealthy one becomes, if they experienced something similar in the past, they will always be reminded of their humble beginnings and as a result, share the same heart to give out assistance. Some people even go beyond their capabilities of giving, to the point of sending what they have saved up for themselves. This action may be both good and bad for some people, depending on their reason and circumstances.

I am not quite a wealthy individual, however I do my share of charity by simply gathering my fellow friends and pooling up what we can safely provide, and giving it to the people who are in control of distributing it to those in need.

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