Fundraising Concert in Columbus, Ohio – a Success

Fundraising Concert in Columbus, Ohio – a Success

Starting a fundraiser is an activity that most charitable organizations use to speed up generating funds for special projects that they need to do in line with their charities operations and requirements. This year, one of the shelters we are supporting has suffered significant damage from termite and other pests’ infestation. Without the help of our friends of a pest control company in Columbus we might not have seen the problem in its early stages. This pest control company has always been generous to give back to the community. We recommend them to everyone and personally hire them for pest control jobs in our homes.

Since we do not have extra funds to spare for the repair, we started a fundraiser concert for the benefit of the shelter. This event was extra special because the actual residents of the shelter and some local artists performed. It was a rare treat, and it was a success! We managed to source the funds we need using the talents of the residents of the shelter. You might want to try it in your charity but do not know how to start. Please read on for ideas on starting a fundraising event. My uncle who works as a bail bondsman in Bakersfield said that new bill in California might ruin the business.

Set your purpose and goal Knowing why you are doing your fundraiser is your purpose. If you know your purpose, it will be easier to think of ways to achieve it. Do you want to raise fund and build awareness as well? Then, ensure that you include activities that will allow you to meet them. The goal, on the other hand, is the amount of money you need to raise. You should factor in the costs of staging your fundraiser when you decide how much you should raise at the end of the day. Considering the amount you need to raise, you should have a budget to ensure that your expenses are on track. Each fund donated counts so try to keep the costs at a bare minimum.

Host Committees  This board consists of people who will champion your cause. They are your sponsors that will encourage other people to support your advocacy in the fundraising event. Do not expect, though, that they will run the show. Your host committee works like an endorser for your event.

Details The planning of the fundraiser should include exact details to ensure that everything will run smoothly. It starts from choosing the activity up to the last activity you need to do to wrap up the fundraising event.

Marketing and Sales You need to market your event to reach your target audience. Make sure that people know that you have an event and make the people feel that they want to be part of it. You can use traditional means such as mails, phone calls, or posters. You can also use social media and word of mouth to spread the information about your fundraiser. Your host committee will also be a good help to start the talk about your event. After marketing your event, make sure that you already have a system in place on how to receive donations or sell your tickets. It would be frustrating if this is not run smoothly.

Dry Run Practicing is important especially if you are new to fundraising. Apprise your team on what they should do and the actual flow of the event. A checklist would help ensure that all activities are done.

Say the magic word And by the magic word, we mean “saying thanks.” It is easy to forget this once the event is completed and the goal has been met. However, it leaves a bad impression when you overlook this important act. Send thank you cards or phone them. We are not only talking about the donors, thank your staff, vendors and everyone who helped make your event happen.

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