Charities and Their Work: Pest Control

Charities and Their Work: Pest Control

It might be an unusual sounding task for charities to provide pest control to those who needs it, but most of us have forgotten how terrible pest can be. In medieval England, the black plague carried by lice that were carried by rats, both pests, brought upon one of the greatest plagues that ever hit humanity, known as the Black Death or black plague. This might seem to be a problem that could only happen in the past, but some parts of the world, the ones lacking in medical facilities and sanitation, this is still a reality.

Events known as outbreaks, though not as widespread as historical ones, still happen in developing countries due to either poor sanitation or uncontrolled pest problems. Though capable Pest Control Company Ames is just a phone call away from us, most of these developing countries either does not have the companies with the tools, or services affordable enough to the masses. This is where some charities provide pest control as a part of their assistance to the communities they are actively racing up.

These charities allow communities to reduce the spread of infections through sanitation education and pest control assistance. While at the same time practice environmental and social responsibility when using pesticides, which is also a form of education to the local community in responsible chemical use.

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