An Interesting Charity Event in Tucson TX

— An Interesting Charity Event in Tucson TX

charityWe try to discover and study every kind of charity.  Every week we find different charities online and try to visit them and understand what exactly their charity event or organization is about. It is important to do this to grow and become aware of different causes. One such charity stood out in Tucson, one that involved chiropractors, the even was for the awareness of for the less fortunate and some sort of campaign for health awareness. One of their aims was to introduce chiropractic therapy as a means to achieve a better health, promoting the therapy as one for wellness.


A need to study it further 


My time in Tucson was limited so I was not able to learn much about the whole event and their goals. I only have a short conversation with one of the event organizers. And while I got the gist of the whole thing I still fail to understand the whole concept. I do believe that the cause has potential to help people and raise money to do so, I just need to study more on the concept and the goals of the charity and its organization. I will be researching more about this and contact the organization’s people to learn more about it, maybe even propose a collaboration between groups to create an event that would benefit both sides, and at the same time learn more about each others goals, visions, and mission.


The need to learn of new groups and organizations 

While it is in our best interest to concentrate in our own causes for effectively, it is still necessary to understand more about other causes to learn their strategy and organization. The possibility of working with each other in collaboration for awareness and events in both their and our area is also a good reason to know about other groups. And while large charity organizations like unicef and the likes have a huge network, small causes like ours do not, so it is better to be connected with each other in order to reach all of our goals.




While at the event in Tucson I became more aware of the use of professionals to preform public services and promote awareness for the causes. They used chiropractors to promote both their cause and the chiropractor’s, which was the promotion of their therapy as a means to achieve optimal wellness. We should consider contacting organizations of professions that we may also collaborate with, maybe even contacting chiropractic therapists in our area to do the same with the organization in Tucson.


Not forgetting our purpose 

Though exposure, networking, and collaboration is important, we must not forget that we are not in it for the exposure and profit, our goal is to raise awareness and allow a channel the public will be able to use as a way to reach their helping hand to those they want to help. Charity is for people who needs help and wants to help, not for those who wants to be noticed and profit.


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