A forgotten, or lesser known, definition of Crook is the hooked staff of a shepherd, this is used to guide the shepherds flock and protect it. We say “Save the Crook” for many charitable organizations are losing their ability to help and some are even closing, in 2013 alone one in every six small charities had closed due to the lack of support and exposure. Save the Crook, means to save the tool we have to help and protect those that needs it, our goal is to make people aware of charities that need the exposure, allowing them to grow and strengthen their cause, talking about different charities events and news, spreading the word and educating our readers on how to get involved.


We also share ideas on how to better organize fund raisers and charitable events, help with causes, and we later on plan to organize events that could to support the cause of other organizations. Join us and share your ideas and the organizations and causes you support, let them be known and discover other causes that you might be able to help.