Handling Charity Events: Preparing, Managing, Cleaning

Handling Charity Events: Preparing, Managing, Cleaning

Last year I was assigned to Utah for a charity event we were holding, but not just to chat and entertain the guests, but to prepare for the whole event. The thing about small charity groups like us is that we seldom get nice places to hold our events, often it’s a place provided to us for free but needs a lot of elbow grease. At this particular event, we were given an old event room to work with, and from the looks of the carpet it hasn’t been used or cleaned in a long time. Lucky for me I found the website of a carpet cleaning company that was cheap and fast.


Cutting Cost As Much As Possible

With the carpet clean and the event location prepared, I then had to do the impossible, cutting more cost by finding sponsors and volunteers. The restaurant owner that gave us the location was gracious enough to provide drinks and some food for the event, but I still had to find tokens for the guests of honor, speaker, and representatives. The best way to do this is to either; find a local company looking for exposure to provide something, often a product of theirs, or print out a certificate of appreciation along and attach it to a frame. I was fortunate enough to be able to do both that time. Carpet cleaners in Utah improved their technique of cleaning the carpets.

There are no shortage of volunteers out there, especially if you offer free food, you have to make sure that you only get the responsible ones, though. These volunteers will be excellent as ushers, event marshals, and overall event staff.

The reason for cutting costs is to make sure we can use the money for actual charity work as much as possible, unless if you from a big international organization money is hard to come by. So if you can get it for free, as long as it’s good, go for it and avoid paying for anything unnecessary.

How did the Utah Event Go?

It went surprisingly well! I was assigned to it with little time to prepare, due to the person supposed to be in charge of it having to attend to a personal matter. But with just the luck of meeting charitable establishments, a miraculously good carpet cleaning company, and reliable volunteers, we were able to make what was a storage room into a pretty classy looking event center. The owner was so impressed that he told us that if we ever need a place for an event in Utah, we only need to give him a call to prepare things.

That was my first time handling an event on my own actually, at the time I thought it would end up as a disaster, but with determination and the help of good people I was able to pull it off. I also believe that the big guy in the sky was looking out for me, I mean the whole thing was a miracle.

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