Doing a Charity Fund Raiser on a Yacht

Doing a Charity Fund Raiser on a Yacht


Every year we hold a fund raiser for the charity of our groups choosing, we vote on which charity should we try to organize something for and do the necessary preparations and have a little fun party while helping people. But this year, we have a surplus of funds from the last event, since a few of the companies where we sourced food and venue decided to give us generous discounts. So this year we decided to up the game a bit and do a charity fund raiser on a yacht. I know that you might think it would be better for us to give the surplus to our chosen charity, but we believe that if we make the fund raising event a bit more interesting to be part of, we could attract more people who might be able to contribute more. But it doesn’t work this year, we will just consider it a lesson learned and move on to planning the next year more carefully.



We have contacted a few yacht charter companies who not only had really good yachts available, but also offered a generous discount since the event was for charity. We were thinking of a nice cruise around a particular bay area, one which is yet to be decided, with a few cocktail drinks maybe dinner, and then ending with a nice fireworks display. This would interest many of the young adults and families given that the whole event is friendly to most age groups, though our concern is with the older age group, whom at the past seemed to prefer events held earlier in the day. But We might be able to remedy this by starting the event at late afternoon early evening, allowing it start and early enough to make it more suiting for the older guests. Possibly docking around 7pm while extending the party stationary there, allowing those who want to leave to be able to.



With the surplus of funds, this year budgeting wouldn’t be much of a concern, along with companies happily giving us discounts because of what we do. But just in case, we might consider getting sponsors for the event, though I am still trying to figure out what they could get in return, maybe their name on the advertising of the event or something similar, but in our experience with the last time we approached a sponsor we were offered financial assistance merely because we are a charity and they wanted to help us do the good we are doing.

All in all budgeting does not seem to be problem at the moment, though we are still currently in the planning stages and a lot can happen in this phase, so it would be better to prepare for any situation which includes sudden need of redirecting funds.



Many of us agree that this approach is something that might work, and that we should pursue the project, though some might actually just be saying it just so that we could have a party on a yacht, truth be told though, I am also biased about it since I would like to experience such an event.


Feasibility Study 

The whole even is not written in stone though, as we have gotten a few people to study if the whole event will work and if we would be able to truly effectively raise funds for charity when doing this event. A few students from the university, and professionals have volunteered to each giving us reports on how effective the whole event will be, if the conclusion is unanimous, whichever direction it is, we will go with that, but if the results are split we will have to decide by proposing a second plan and holding a vote within the community to make a decision.



When deciding the direction of the fund raiser let us remember that this is not for us, this is for the less fortunate and the charities that facilitates helping them. Our goal is to help others, not enjoy ourselves, though that should also be a secondary priority, given that joy in a project show actual sincerity for the endeavor.


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