A Positive Influence

A Positive Influence

Organizations are being made each day. Depending on the kind of organization one makes, it may take time to build it up from scratch. Charity organizations has always been viewed as a noble movement. However, after a certain amount of time, some, if not most charity organizations closes down.

In 2009, there were a lot of charity organizations that closed down. However, not to worry as more people keeps on striving to build up more charity organizations by the year. This just simply tells us that a lot of people never gives up even faced with great difficulties in their path. With so many organizations closing each year, there are many people that rises up a new one as well.

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The first charity organization societies were founded in England in 1869. It has been a long time since charity organizations begun. Growing even until today, more and more charity organizations will rise up in the future. So long as there are people that are in need, so will organizations that will answer their request. Humans can’t help but accept the urge to help others, even if there’s nothing for them to gain in return.

There are times in life where we have a peak periods, and there are also times when we are at the bottom. Those that are above, will have a thought of extending help from those in need through charity. Some of them may have a different motive, such as fame or something personal. Although I have conflicted thoughts about this matter, there is also the idea of treating such a thing as a business. However, some people will certainly disagree about this.


When I was young, our family was neither wealthy nor struggling. Eventually over time, I discovered that we certainly do have more than enough for ourselves, but practice a practical lifestyle in order to educate us on not to look down on others. I’m not saying that the wealthy does this, however the chances are higher if a child from a wealthy family is spoiled too much. I only learned about our excess in resources after discovering the charity practices of my grandparents.

They were quite wonderful people. They do not show too much extravagance in their lifestyle, even if their friends and relatives knows they possess some wealth. It was their practice of aiding others that earned the respect from their surroundings. Some of their friends have even been influenced by them and are sometimes practicing charity when they have more than enough savings.

As time passed by, their group of friends have formed a small organization dedicated on helping others. They also invite anyone that shares the same opinion and assembles when critical moments come. One example of this when a typhoon crossed over our neighboring city, leaving quite a lot of families in a difficult position. Although they are a small group, they also cooperate with other groups in order to send out provisions. That’s one of the things I find quite attracting about them, which made me join them later on. Today, although I do not earn too much, I always remember to set aside some for charity.

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