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A Positive Influence

Organizations are being made each day. Depending on the kind of organization one makes, it may take time to build it up from scratch. Charity organizations has always been viewed as a noble movement. However, after a certain amount of time, some, if not most charity organizations closes down.

In 2009, there were a lot of charity organizations that closed down. However, not to worry as more people keeps on striving to build up more charity organizations by the year. This just simply tells us that a lot of people never gives up even faced with great difficulties in their path. With so many organizations closing each year, there are many people that rises up a new one as well.

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The first charity organization societies were founded in England in 1869. It has been a long time since charity organizations begun. Growing even until today, more and more charity organizations will rise up in the future. So long as there are people that are in need, so will organizations that will answer their request. Humans can’t help but accept the urge to help others, even if there’s nothing for them to gain in return.

There are times in life where we have a peak periods, and there are also times when we are at the bottom. Those that are above, will have a thought of extending help from those in need through charity. Some of them may have a different motive, such as fame or something personal. Although I have conflicted thoughts about this matter, there is also the idea of treating such a thing as a business. However, some people will certainly disagree about this.


When I was young, our family was neither wealthy nor struggling. Eventually over time, I discovered that we certainly do have more than enough for ourselves, but practice a practical lifestyle in order to educate us on not to look down on others. I’m not saying that the wealthy does this, however the chances are higher if a child from a wealthy family is spoiled too much. I only learned about our excess in resources after discovering the charity practices of my grandparents.

They were quite wonderful people. They do not show too much extravagance in their lifestyle, even if their friends and relatives knows they possess some wealth. It was their practice of aiding others that earned the respect from their surroundings. Some of their friends have even been influenced by them and are sometimes practicing charity when they have more than enough savings.

As time passed by, their group of friends have formed a small organization dedicated on helping others. They also invite anyone that shares the same opinion and assembles when critical moments come. One example of this when a typhoon crossed over our neighboring city, leaving quite a lot of families in a difficult position. Although they are a small group, they also cooperate with other groups in order to send out provisions. That’s one of the things I find quite attracting about them, which made me join them later on. Today, although I do not earn too much, I always remember to set aside some for charity.

How to Successfully Organize a Fundraising Event

Draft a Budget

The first step towards organising a successful fundraising event is to decide and finalise your budget. The decision to be made regarding the costs of holding a fundraising event and the funds that are expected to be raised are vital. This will help in making effective decisions and measurements regarding what can be used to minimise expenditure and maximise the funds coming in.

It is also important to maximise your chances of getting sponsorships. This is because sponsorships play a huge role in contributing to a fundraising event. Sponsors can provide your event with food, refreshments, free services or even money to help you with your fundraiser. You will have to look into appropriate or the right contacts who might or is willing to sponsor for your event.



Have Enough Planning

A time frame which is realistic should be taken into consideration for an efficient and effective fundraising event. A minimum of six months is required for you to secure sponsorships, set a budget, selling tickets and vendor bookings.

Make sure you choose the right style of the event according to your timeline and budget. Once this is done, you can adopt the right approach and the marketing strategy which suits your event. For a successful fundraising event to take place, it is important to do your research thoroughly and come up with ideas.


Choose Your Venue

Choosing the right location is always tricky. Having to choose from a lot of places, it is essential to keep yourself updated and do enough research. Once you’ve shortlisted a few locations, it is important to go for a site visit and assess the area. It is crucial to choose the right venue as it will impact the number of people that will be visiting your fundraiser, helps in creating the perfect ambience of the event and contributes to your theme and adds aesthetic value to it. It is also vital to keep in mind the mobility of the area to see if it is easily accessible for the guests.

Make sure also to check whether the venue has the correct licenses to host the event and if they would provide you with staff such as waiters, securities and cleaners. This will decide if you will have to outsource the staff or not.

Evaluate Your Resources

Make sure you have enough resources in hand to conduct the event. If not, you should consider outsourcing the resources. Doing it yourself may seem like an inexpensive approach, but outsourcing is cheaper than doing it yourself. Outsourcing can be more cost-effective and efficient in the long term. This is because outsourcing experts have been in the industry for a while and have had made enough connections which could help you support the success of the event. But always make sure to do your research and consider your budget before making any final decisions.

How to start a successful NGO in 10 steps

Starting a successful NGO is not for profit, so giving should be your first point of motivation. If you do not have compassion in nature and a heart for making a difference in starting an NGO company, you are not going to last at all. This business is going to become your lifestyle. Comprised here is a list of how to start a successful NGO in ten steps.

Step 1: Join a cause

Before starting your own NGO join one that does similar work for a while. It will give you the necessary experience and is an excellent way to become enthusiastic about the business you are about to start. Before making a considerable commitment find out if this is going to be your passion or not.

Step 2: Stop taking over

If you try to preserve control in the NGO, workers will develop a reliance on your leadership. It is difficult to get rid of needy people. The focus of the NGO must be to have the company function individually without your guidance.

Step 3: Make your goals clear

Set strong and possible goals for yourself and the NGO. Pick something small to do, do it excellently and follow through with your goals. Be consistent and committed to the target.

Step 4: Create a plan of action

Your idea of work is almost like a business plan. Be clear about what you want to achieve in your project. Plan how to make the NGO useful, recognise the adverse effects it might have and make sure your NGO will attract sponsors and helpers. Work hard and make sure you can bring your plan to completion, else it would be a waste of effort and money.

Step 5: Create a website

Creating a website will make you known, attract helpers and sponsors and establish a professional appearance.

Step 6: Research

Make strong local contacts and do proper research.

Step 7: Estimate financial needs

Working with money needs accountability. There are always massive amounts of paperwork. The trick is to minimise your NGO’s need for cash. Getting lawyers involved to register the company might be costly, you can require the help of an established NGO and get them to take you under their care. The tax -deductible donations and grants will go to them, care of your NGO. Now you can ask for donations.

Step 8: Network

Learn from similar mistakes that other organisations made and learn from successes.


Step 9: Prevent burn-out

Finding a balance is essential. Do not let the time you spend on the company impinge on the time that you should give your family. You can be passionate but prevent early burn-out.

Step 10: Take a step back

Take joy in accomplishments. Look back at your work to re-evaluate what you have achieved and where you will be heading.

Learn to expand with the company and see it as a rewarding experience. May these shared steps on how to start an NGO benefit you.

Charities and Their Work: Pest Control

It might be an unusual sounding task for charities to provide pest control to those who needs it, but most of us have forgotten how terrible pest can be. In medieval England, the black plague carried by lice that were carried by rats, both pests, brought upon one of the greatest plagues that ever hit humanity, known as the Black Death or black plague. This might seem to be a problem that could only happen in the past, but some parts of the world, the ones lacking in medical facilities and sanitation, this is still a reality.

Events known as outbreaks, though not as widespread as historical ones, still happen in developing countries due to either poor sanitation or uncontrolled pest problems. Though capable Pest Control Company Ames is just a phone call away from us, most of these developing countries either does not have the companies with the tools, or services affordable enough to the masses. This is where some charities provide pest control as a part of their assistance to the communities they are actively racing up.


These charities allow communities to reduce the spread of infections through sanitation education and pest control assistance. While at the same time practice environmental and social responsibility when using pesticides, which is also a form of education to the local community in responsible chemical use.

Handling Charity Events: Preparing, Managing, Cleaning

Last year I was assigned to Utah for a charity event we were holding, but not just to chat and entertain the guests, but to prepare for the whole event. The thing about small charity groups like us is that we seldom get nice places to hold our events, often it’s a place provided to us for free but needs a lot of elbow grease. At this particular event, we were given an old event room to work with, and from the looks of the carpet it hasn’t been used or cleaned in a long time. Lucky for me I found the website of a carpet cleaning company that was cheap and fast.


Cutting Cost As Much As Possible

With the carpet clean and the event location prepared, I then had to do the impossible, cutting more cost by finding sponsors and volunteers. The restaurant owner that gave us the location was gracious enough to provide drinks and some food for the event, but I still had to find tokens for the guests of honor, speaker, and representatives. The best way to do this is to either; find a local company looking for exposure to provide something, often a product of theirs, or print out a certificate of appreciation along and attach it to a frame. I was fortunate enough to be able to do both that time. Carpet cleaners in Utah improved their technique of cleaning the carpets.

There are no shortage of volunteers out there, especially if you offer free food, you have to make sure that you only get the responsible ones, though. These volunteers will be excellent as ushers, event marshals, and overall event staff.

The reason for cutting costs is to make sure we can use the money for actual charity work as much as possible, unless if you from a big international organization money is hard to come by. So if you can get it for free, as long as it’s good, go for it and avoid paying for anything unnecessary.

How did the Utah Event Go?

It went surprisingly well! I was assigned to it with little time to prepare, due to the person supposed to be in charge of it having to attend to a personal matter. But with just the luck of meeting charitable establishments, a miraculously good carpet cleaning company, and reliable volunteers, we were able to make what was a storage room into a pretty classy looking event center. The owner was so impressed that he told us that if we ever need a place for an event in Utah, we only need to give him a call to prepare things.

That was my first time handling an event on my own actually, at the time I thought it would end up as a disaster, but with determination and the help of good people I was able to pull it off. I also believe that the big guy in the sky was looking out for me, I mean the whole thing was a miracle.

Support New Jersey Charity Organizations

We are very thrilled to be moving to our new office in downtown New Jersey. It will be closer to most of the charities we are supporting, and space is much bigger. The new place is donated by one of our benefactors because they are going to move to a larger office in another state. The place is not exactly ours, but we are allowed to use it for an indefinite time.

We needed to do a bit of renovation on the office space to fit our requirements. Most of our contractors are donating their time and resources to fast-track the construction of the room. We are also fortunate that this waste removal and recycling company is supporting us by providing us a container that we can use as we clear up the construction debris. We also received a lot of volunteer help to staff our office and our various activities and programs to assist as many people as we can.

We have received so much help from the start, and we want to give back by sharing to you the different charitable institutions that you can support in New Jersey.

Theater and Arts

All Children’s Theatre, Inc. – It is a non-profit organization in Parsippany that provides creative acting and musical activities for children.

Website: http://www.allchildrenstheatre.org/

New Jersey Repertory Company – It is a non-profit professional theater performing classical and contemporary plays made by minority playwrights.

Website: http://www.njrep.org/

New Jersey Center for Visual Arts – It is an organization committed to enrich and propagate the appreciation of modern art and culture. This non-profit organization is located in Summit, New Jersey.

Website: http://www.njmuseums.com/njcva/


Central NJ Maternal and Child Health Consortium – The Consortium aims to improve mother and child health by utilizing resources from private and public organizations.

Website: http://www.cnjmchc.org/

Hyacinth Foundation – It is the first and largest AIDS non-profit organization in New Jersey. The organization aims to aid people with HIV and to spread AIDS awareness in New Jersey.

Website: http://www.hyacinth.org/

National Pediatric & Family HIV Resource Center – It is a non-profit organization that helps medical professionals who help kids and families who have HIV.

Website: http://www.pedhivaids.org/


Interfaith Council for the Homeless of Union County – It is a non-profit organization advocating the improvement of the lives of homeless people. They help homeless people to have proper housing for personal development and self-sufficiency. They also promote the creation of safe neighborhoods in New Jersey.

Website: http://www.interfaith-council.org/home.asp

HABCore, Inc. – It is a non-profit corporation that provides permanent and transit homes for low-income families who are homeless or differently abled person.

Website: http://www.habcore.org/

There are other charities in New Jersey that we are unable to fit in our list that need our help. We hope that you support one so that we can make the life of people in need bearable while teaching them to stand on their two feet. You can contact the charities mentioned directly or visit their website for more information. A lot of people will benefit from your continued support.

Fundraising Concert in Columbus, Ohio – a Success

Starting a fundraiser is an activity that most charitable organizations use to speed up generating funds for special projects that they need to do in line with their charities operations and requirements. This year, one of the shelters we are supporting has suffered significant damage from termite and other pests’ infestation. Without the help of our friends of a pest control company in Columbus we might not have seen the problem in its early stages. This pest control company has always been generous to give back to the community. We recommend them to everyone and personally hire them for pest control jobs in our homes.

Since we do not have extra funds to spare for the repair, we started a fundraiser concert for the benefit of the shelter. This event was extra special because the actual residents of the shelter and some local artists performed. It was a rare treat, and it was a success! We managed to source the funds we need using the talents of the residents of the shelter. You might want to try it in your charity but do not know how to start. Please read on for ideas on starting a fundraising event. My uncle who works as a bail bondsman in Bakersfield said that new bill in California might ruin the business.

Set your purpose and goal Knowing why you are doing your fundraiser is your purpose. If you know your purpose, it will be easier to think of ways to achieve it. Do you want to raise fund and build awareness as well? Then, ensure that you include activities that will allow you to meet them. The goal, on the other hand, is the amount of money you need to raise. You should factor in the costs of staging your fundraiser when you decide how much you should raise at the end of the day. Considering the amount you need to raise, you should have a budget to ensure that your expenses are on track. Each fund donated counts so try to keep the costs at a bare minimum.

Host Committees  This board consists of people who will champion your cause. They are your sponsors that will encourage other people to support your advocacy in the fundraising event. Do not expect, though, that they will run the show. Your host committee works like an endorser for your event.

Details The planning of the fundraiser should include exact details to ensure that everything will run smoothly. It starts from choosing the activity up to the last activity you need to do to wrap up the fundraising event.

Marketing and Sales You need to market your event to reach your target audience. Make sure that people know that you have an event and make the people feel that they want to be part of it. You can use traditional means such as mails, phone calls, or posters. You can also use social media and word of mouth to spread the information about your fundraiser. Your host committee will also be a good help to start the talk about your event. After marketing your event, make sure that you already have a system in place on how to receive donations or sell your tickets. It would be frustrating if this is not run smoothly.

Dry Run Practicing is important especially if you are new to fundraising. Apprise your team on what they should do and the actual flow of the event. A checklist would help ensure that all activities are done.

Say the magic word And by the magic word, we mean “saying thanks.” It is easy to forget this once the event is completed and the goal has been met. However, it leaves a bad impression when you overlook this important act. Send thank you cards or phone them. We are not only talking about the donors, thank your staff, vendors and everyone who helped make your event happen.

Helping Charities In Denver Through Pest Control

We often think about food, clothing, books, and all the other things you can “hand me down” when donating to charity comes to mind. Other people like electricians in Atlanta who are financially stable opts to donate money to the charity that they support.

But have you ever imagined if there are other things that you can give? Something meaningful and unique that will directly impact the lives of people? If you come to think of it, several charities provide shelter to the needy and abused. So, it is very likely that they need help in the upkeep of the place.

Aside from basic repair jobs, pest prevention is important to foster a healthy environment in shelters. Pests such as mosquitoes, roaches, and rodents, are carriers of disease that’s why it is necessary to keep them away especially in places where children are present. Over-the-counter pesticides may do the trick, but only professional pest control services can ensure that these pests are dealt with appropriately.

In this regard, you can choose to donate your time as an exterminator, instead of cash. This kind of donation is not uncommon. Pest prevention companies have been doing their share to give back to the community that they serve. Aside from providing high-quality services to their paying customers, they help charitable organizations in the form of service donations.

There are also non-profit organizations which organize and coordinate with pest control companies to help various shelters by giving bed bugs treatment. It may seem simple, but the comfort it provides the residents will be immeasurable.

Aside from bed bugs, here are some common pests that thrive in shelters that need to be addressed.

  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rats
  • Cockroaches

If you are looking to donate something meaningful to your favorite charity in Denver, you can hire a pest prevention company to ease the hardships of the people seeking refuge in shelters. To start this initiative, you need to inquire from the charity that you want to help about the specific pest control that they need. You also need to discuss logistics with them to ensure that it will not hamper their daily operations.

Then, you can get in touch with the pest control company to inquire about the process and the estimated cost. Various pest control activities can be done to help your chosen charity and the pest control people can give you advice on which to prioritize.

Helping people in need is a responsibility of everyone. The idea offered above is just one charitable option that you can explore. You just need to think outside the box so that you can find more ways of helping. It will also be fun to have your family and friends join you in your cause. More people helping means more lives touched. You can organize or join fundraisers for the benefit of the less fortunate.

If you have the time, you can actively participate charitable institutions to know first-hand what is needed. It is fulfilling to share your time and resources to other people in need. One day, the people in need will rise through your help, and get their lives back on track.

Pest Control for Care Offices – Learn From Our Mistake

Many small offices take pest control for granted until they experience significant damage to their property and documents. As in most charitable institutions, our Care Office in San Jose is operating on a tight budget and pest control is the least of our priorities. Space is another challenge in a small office like ours. Paper works that should have been archived were still stashed in our conference room, which we repurposed as a stock room. We have filing cabinets there, but we do not have enough workforce to do the archiving.

Then, after a few months, we discovered insects lurking in the boxes. We cannot dispose of the files because they contain receipts and other documents that are essential in our operations. We called a recommended pest control company  to get some help in removing those pests. The pest control staff identified the pest in our office as Silverfishes. They explained that this pest loves paper and linen. They cleared up the pests, and we were very satisfied with the result. Their service is fast and friendly; we even got a crash course on Silverfishes.

Here are quick facts about Silverfishes.


If you know Plankton from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, Silverfishes roughly look like that. It is elongated with two antennas and three long bristles at its rear. Their color varies from white to bluish silver.


Silverfishes prefer high humidity places. They particularly flourish in dark, damp places around your premises such as under the sink and in basements. They feed on cellulose, glue in books, and silk, so you will notice significant damage to paper and clothing where they thrive.

Our makeshift stock room has the perfect condition to harbor Silverfishes. So, we suggest that you always check your document storage area to ensure that it is not infested.



First thing – prevention. You need to remove the things that attract them. Paper stacks are one. If you need to keep files, make sure they are stored properly. Next, you can dehumidify moist areas to minimize humidity, especially in your storage areas.

There are traps that you can set up to catch Silverfishes. However, they are not very effective because it is not enough to capture an entire population of Silverfishes. As such, you will be better off to get professional pest control help to eradicate the pest completely.

Aside from the Silverfish learnings we got, we also found a way to solve our archive backlog. We did not realize that there are volunteers who are willing to help in mundane tasks, such as filing. It only took the volunteer a whole day to sort and file our documents.

The volunteer even offered to scan the records if we wanted to keep an electronic copy instead. Isn’t that great? We are also starting to devise a system to minimize the use of paper to avoid storage problems and pests.

All’s well that ends well. It is an excellent realization that charitable organizations could use a bit of aid, too. Our pest problem somehow serve as a blessing in disguise because it helped solve other underlying problems.

Reminders before Volunteering at Animal Shelters

Giving back to the world does not always entail the need to donate money, because there are other forms of giving back such as volunteerism. Being a volunteer means signing up to work at charities for free, so it would be best to be prepared for the reality of the job. There are different types of charities that you can sign up at, and one of these would be animal charities. Of all the subtypes of animal charities, the most locally reachable would be the animal shelters for the strays, so finding them would be easier than the others. In case you are interested to sign up, be prepared for the reality of volunteerism in these organizations and institutions. Here are a few reminders about volunteering at animal shelters:

  • It is a serious endeavor. Volunteering at an animal shelter will require you of your time, patience, strength, and it will need you to undergo training in handling the animals and equipment. Usually, the institution will be providing the schedule for you and not the other way around. Also, animals can be really cute and fluffy, but they have their wild and dangerous sides too, so assess yourself if you are really up for the task. Nevertheless, the provided training will teach volunteers how to handle different situations, so it will only be up to willpower if you want to volunteer or not.
  • The tasks are not limited to being in contact with animals. Aside from taking care of the animals and cleaning the areas, there are other activities you can participate in such as passing out fliers and answering phone calls or guest inquiries. The institution will likely ask you the specific tasks you prefer to engage in during your application. But in case, ask them about what you can do to help out at the animal shelter.


  • Be sure that you can handle the environment and the tasks. In case you opt to do outdoor tasks, prepare for the extreme weather conditions you have to endure while accomplishing these. Also, being allergic to cat or dog fur perhaps will take you at a disadvantage if you want to take care of them or clean their areas. In case of pest infestation, the institution usually hires professional exterminators to do the job of removing them. There are also pest control companies who give free service to charities such as the professional exterminators in Tampa, Florida.
  • Taking care of animals will take a lot of patience. As said earlier, these animals are not always in their best behavior, so be prepared to handle them with all the patience you can muster. They may get scared, threatened, or angry at times, and they may scratch, bite, or trample you in the process. Also consider the noise you have to deal with during your schedule, particularly due to constant barking, meowing, or pacing. If you think you can handle these situations, feel free to sign up as a volunteer.
  • Taking care of the animals can also cause you heartbreaks. Some animal shelters practice euthanasia with gravely sick pets, and sometimes due to extreme overpopulation in the shelter. Before signing up at a shelter, ask them if they practice euthanasia or not, then decide from there if you want to stay. Knowing that the animals you take care of and consider your family can pass away in these circumstances will surely break one’s heart. Another thing is that you may get touchy when the animals get adopted or transferred to other shelters. If you really want to volunteer for an animal shelter, do not forget these reminders so you can be prepared for its ups and downs. 

Doing a Charity Fund Raiser on a Yacht


Every year we hold a fund raiser for the charity of our groups choosing, we vote on which charity should we try to organize something for and do the necessary preparations and have a little fun party while helping people. But this year, we have a surplus of funds from the last event, since a few of the companies where we sourced food and venue decided to give us generous discounts. So this year we decided to up the game a bit and do a charity fund raiser on a yacht. I know that you might think it would be better for us to give the surplus to our chosen charity, but we believe that if we make the fund raising event a bit more interesting to be part of, we could attract more people who might be able to contribute more. But it doesn’t work this year, we will just consider it a lesson learned and move on to planning the next year more carefully.



We have contacted a few yacht charter companies who not only had really good yachts available, but also offered a generous discount since the event was for charity. We were thinking of a nice cruise around a particular bay area, one which is yet to be decided, with a few cocktail drinks maybe dinner, and then ending with a nice fireworks display. This would interest many of the young adults and families given that the whole event is friendly to most age groups, though our concern is with the older age group, whom at the past seemed to prefer events held earlier in the day. But We might be able to remedy this by starting the event at late afternoon early evening, allowing it start and early enough to make it more suiting for the older guests. Possibly docking around 7pm while extending the party stationary there, allowing those who want to leave to be able to.



With the surplus of funds, this year budgeting wouldn’t be much of a concern, along with companies happily giving us discounts because of what we do. But just in case, we might consider getting sponsors for the event, though I am still trying to figure out what they could get in return, maybe their name on the advertising of the event or something similar, but in our experience with the last time we approached a sponsor we were offered financial assistance merely because we are a charity and they wanted to help us do the good we are doing.

All in all budgeting does not seem to be problem at the moment, though we are still currently in the planning stages and a lot can happen in this phase, so it would be better to prepare for any situation which includes sudden need of redirecting funds.



Many of us agree that this approach is something that might work, and that we should pursue the project, though some might actually just be saying it just so that we could have a party on a yacht, truth be told though, I am also biased about it since I would like to experience such an event.


Feasibility Study 

The whole even is not written in stone though, as we have gotten a few people to study if the whole event will work and if we would be able to truly effectively raise funds for charity when doing this event. A few students from the university, and professionals have volunteered to each giving us reports on how effective the whole event will be, if the conclusion is unanimous, whichever direction it is, we will go with that, but if the results are split we will have to decide by proposing a second plan and holding a vote within the community to make a decision.



When deciding the direction of the fund raiser let us remember that this is not for us, this is for the less fortunate and the charities that facilitates helping them. Our goal is to help others, not enjoy ourselves, though that should also be a secondary priority, given that joy in a project show actual sincerity for the endeavor.


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